Thursday, July 29, 2021

Distracting Ourselves to Death

Distracting Ourselves to Death – “We all tend to do this. Whether we search on our phones, in our careers, or in our family life, we seem to be looking for something. It is as if an eternal ache has been implanted in our hearts.”


Teachable“I spend most of my time teaching, but if there was one thing I wish I could teach people, it’s ‘teachability’! Teachability is a precious quality, that’s hard to cultivate.”

Burnt Cheese and Gospel Conversations

Burnt Cheese and Gospel Conversations – “God lovingly receives even our weakest efforts. He asks us to share his good news consistently and faithfully, through the ins and outs of our ordinary lives.”

Mothering Little Children with a Big God

Mothering Little Children with a Big God – “Soon after we welcomed our first baby home, I realized that mothering would require more of me than I could possibly give…During those early years, God used several truths to help me lean into his strength when my fatigue and fears threatened to overtake me.”

Difference Belongs at Home

Difference Belongs at Home – “In Christ, we belong to a body, not a bowling league. And God begins preparing us for that body through membership in the family.” 

When I Lived In A Barn

When I Lived In A Barn – “I do want to remember, and teach my own children, that being surrounded with fine things doesn’t make everything fine. They are just things.”

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Help Someone Home to Heaven

Help Someone Home to Heaven – “The path of faith must not be journeyed alone. Perseverance is a community project. God intends each of us to protect others from apostasy. We can be tempted, however, toward shallow relationships.”