Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Battling the Post-Holiday Blues

Battling the Post-Holiday Blues “I think one reason the melancholy fog descends so quickly after the new year is that we anticipate a new day, a new start, a new something that will be different. And better. And wonderful. And when that doesn’t happen, we’re left disappointed and maybe even a tinge cynical.”

The Era of Sin Management

The Era of Sin Management – “Here are six biblical thoughts to help us.”

What Apostates Don't Say

What Apostates Don't Say – “When people walk away from Christianity, there are some common reasons they give...But there is one thing that I don’t hear an apostate say that should get our attention: They don’t say much about Jesus.” 

What’s So Great About the Ascension

What’s So Great About the Ascension – “Jesus didn’t just raise from the dead–he Ascended into heaven. But what does the Ascension mean, and why does it feel like just a footnote?”

Rejoice Always

Rejoice Always – “The tribulations of life are inevitable. But they do not have the last word. The crucified and risen Christ is the world conqueror.”

How to Pray Against Satan

How to Pray Against Satan – “Perhaps the best way to approach this challenging question is by taking note of what Satan seeks to accomplish and formulate prayers that God would counteract the goals Satan seeks to achieve.”

Upon The Death of a Celebrity

Upon The Death of a Celebrity – “Bryant’s death brings our own death to the fore of our minds, even if we think we haven’t thought about it. It pushes death into our face, no matter which way we wriggle or squirm to avert it.”