Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Thursday, August 17, 2017

4 Bible Reading Strategies for Reading Plan Quitters

4 Bible Reading Strategies for Reading Plan Quitters“If you struggle like I do, here is the advice that I would offer– change it up. Instead of choosing one Bible reading plan, choose a strategy for reading the Bible and then change what you are doing when you find yourself getting stale. After all, what matters is not that we are sticking to a plan, but that we are reading the Bible and being changed by it.”

A New Set of Priorities for Our Kids

A New Set of Priorities for Our Kids – “We must intentionally teach our children the skills and character traits they’ll need to thrive in college and beyond. We must teach them about their need for three things in particular: passion, humility, and trust in a sovereign God.”

Fellow College Students, Please Join a Local Church

Fellow College Students, Please Join a Local Church – Here are four biblical reasons college students should join a local church where they’re currently living. 

4 Money Principles for Millennials

4 Money Principles for Millennials – Millennials want to change the world. They’re passionate about living lives of purpose and meaning. Unfortunately, they’re often prevented from pursuing their passions because of vast loads of financial debt.

Easy Lies to Believe

Easy Lies to Believe “I’d like to take a stab at naming and disarming several lies often spoken to us through social media, especially in understanding the world around us. In naming these lies, I’m not necessarily advocating giving up on #facetagramsnaptweeting, but encouraging us to wise, careful and limited use.”

Your Marriage Is Not a Mistake

Your Marriage Is Not a Mistake – If you or someone you know is considering giving up...if you think that maybe marriage isn’t worth fighting is a good word from God’s word.

Does the Church Need a Startup Mentality?

Does the Church Need a Startup Mentality? – “The Church doesn’t just need entrepreneurs; the Church needs stick-with-iters. We don’t need more sharks in the Shark Tank. We need fishers of men, willing to do the ongoing and often unglamourous work of investing in the kingdom over the long haul.”